WorldKG Data

The dataset current version of WorldKG (1.0) is derived from OpenStreetMap snapshots that were taken on June 06, 2021. The dataset contains WorldKG ontology and the triples from over 188 countries.

You can openly access WorldKG dataset at the following address.


Evaluation Data

The accuracy of the class assignments of WorldKG entities was manually estimated on 1000 sample entities. The evaluation data is available in the WorldKG GitHub repository.


Quantity Count
Total triples 828,550,751
Total entities 113,444,975
Top-level classes 33
Sub-classes 1,143
Unique properties 1,820
Links to Wikidata classes 40
Links to DBpedia classes 21

In total, WorldKG covers 113,444,975 geographic entities, clearly more than Wikidata (8,621,058) and DBpedia (8,621,058).